Quickie Prep™ - easy & fast surgical skin prep

Medinovel is developing and intends to market Quickie Prep™, a proprietary surgical skin prep product that makes disinfecting patient skin prior to surgical incision reliable, fast and easy while promoting aseptic technique. Medinovel exclusively owns the rights to this patent-pending technology and intends to exploit the intellectual property globally. 

bacteria on skin

Dragon Treatment™ - cutting edge aesthetic & anti-aging medicine

We have developed a series of skin resurfacing treatments used in aesthetic medicine for skin rejuvenation. The various procedures combine stem cells, platelet enriched plasma, fractional laser, RF and lipolysis.  Visit www.dragontreatment.com for more info.

Tracheal Tube Inflator 

We invented a rapid tracheal tube inflator used for securing patient airway during surgery and intensive care.